Urban Fantasy

Magic for Nothing – Seanan McGuire

5 Stars

I was lucky to receive an ARC copy of this book.

Magic for Nothing is easily my favorite installment in the InCryptid series. (So far.)

A photo of the cover of Magic for Nothing.
My copy of Magic for Nothing

Antimony Price Does The Right Thing But She Is Not Happy About It. She leaves everything behind to clean up the mess her sister has made for the Price family by declaring war against The Covenant of St. George on live TV. She does it because she’s the only one who can and it’s her duty.

While following her on her (mis?)adventures, I fell in love with Antimony. I already liked Annie from the short story Blocked, but I really fell for her hard in this one. Since this book is from her PoV, we have the opportunity to see her siblings Verity and Alex through her eyes, and boy do we get her Point Of View. Annie doesn’t hold back, and I found her unfiltered commentary enchanting. Her relationship with Verity reminds me – almost painfully – of my own relationship with my younger sister and gave me a new perspective on how my own sister might see me. Eye opening, let me tell you.

This book is still 100% an InCryptid adventure – full of action, fun and Aeslin mice. Everything I loved about the first five books is there, but Seanan adds a depth to Magic for Nothing that hasn’t really been present in earlier installments, to the benefit of the story and the overall series. It’s still not a /serious/ series (and it doesn’t need to be) but there’s a new richness that makes Magic for Nothing so very satisfying.

Magic for Nothing is the sixth book in the InCryptid series. The cover of the next installment, Tricks for Free was revealed earlier this week! Check it out at Tor.com!

This review was originally posted to Goodreads March 6, 2017. 


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