Urban Fantasy

Silence Fallen – Patricia Briggs

3 Stars

It pains me to rate this book so low. I love Mercy and the Mercyverse and greatly anticipated the release of Silence Fallen, but this was just not the strongest or most compelling installment in the series. Overall, the Mercy Thompson series is a strong series, well written and engaging. Sadly, Silence Fallen didn’t quite stick the landing.

A photo of the cover of Silence Fallen.
My copy of Silence Fallen.

I found some of the nerdy references in the book to be heavy handed and not quite fully researched. The opening scenes with the pack playing a “LARP videogame” made me cringe. As a gamer and nerd myself, the details were just wrong enough to grate. 

Three solid stars because the plot was interesting and kept me reading, but two stars off because of what I wrote above.

Silence Fallen is the 10th book in the Mercy Thompson series.

A version of this review first appeared on Goodreads on March 10.