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September, already?

Where has this year gone!? I can’t believe it’s already September. My life, Reader, has been so full of things this year that time has evaporated around me.

Just two months ago, a friend talked me into starting the book blog I’d been waffling about – and here it is! And here you are! Thank you, thank you, Reader, for being here spending time on Alex Can Read. I appreciate it.

I’ve got some fun things lined up for September, and can’t wait to dive in!

This month I’ll have ARC reviews of:

  • The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill. I have seen bits of this cute comic on Tumblr. I’m excited to dive into the whole story!
  • Nyxia by Scott Reintgen. Nyxia is a YA sci-fi space thriller!
  • Distillery Cats by┬áBrad Thomas Parsons. I love spirits and cats – and can’t wait to read about the cats who reside in distilleries.
  • Queso! by Lisa Fain. My husband loves queso dips, so I’m looking forward to trying some new variations out.

That’s what I’ve got planned, but I also have a large stack of books from the library to fit in. I like leaving myself unplanned reading time, to read what appeals to me in the moment.

What are you planning to read this month, Reader? Do you plan your reading for the month or read whatever appeals to you in the moment?



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