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My friend Arlene over at Wishful Thinking recently did a neat post showing off her bookshelves and I thought it would be fun to do the same!

I have moved many times over the last decade. I left for college and moved 1-2 times each year, then I moved in with my (then) fiance’s parents, and then with roommates and then an apartment with my (now) husband and most recently into my first (teeny) house! As a result of all that moving, I’ve had to be pretty choosy about what books continue to line my shelves. In most of those places, I only had one bookshelf – if you can imagine the horror! Instead of purchasing books, I often borrow them from the library and purchase only the books I hope to reread or collect.

20171010_174233In these first two photos, you can see my favorites! These are the three authors that I reread time and time again, so I like having them close at hand. This bookshelf is next to my bed, crammed in a corner but within easy reach. The bank box is full of library books to be read, a remnant of the recent move. Someday I’ll figure out a different storage solution for borrowed books. (Wave hi to Monroe! My middle kitty, Roro, Manx of Knives as we call him – he is SHARP!)

Like many bookworms, I love book-related things and decorate my shelves with nicknacks. I work hard to curate my Funko Pop! collection so that it doesn’t take over my life. (I bet you can’t tell my favorite comic publisher.)


My second shelf is also in my bedroom, and here is where I begin organizing alphabetically by author. These shelves are surprisingly bare of extras, a result of our recent move. The cat theme continues, however. 🙂 Somehow, I always end up with cat related things on my shelves, even if I don’t actively go out looking for cat-related things.


My final bookshelf is crammed in the corner of my office next to my computer desk. The bottom shelf is my husband’s teeeeeeny collection of books which he never touches. My new house has terrible bathroom storage, so most of my cosmetics are living in my office. Here you can see my shelf of eyeshadow palettes and just some of my extensive lipstick collection.

I suspect, now that we own our home and have plans to stay for more than a few years, I’ll be adding more bookshelves (and books) as I find them.

I currently have no space for my boxes full of cookbooks, which live piled on the counter or still in their boxes from moving. Someday I’ll be able to set them free…

Now, you’ve seen mine! Show me yours! Your shelfies, I mean.


10 thoughts on “#Shelfies!

  1. Do you subscribe to any makeup collections? I do ipsy, it is only $10 a month. Primarily samples but I’ve gotten a lot of tremendous full size products too. It’s also the only way I can afford name brands too!

    I love your shelves… and your kitties!!!

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    1. I did Ipsy for a couple months and didn’t like anything I got. I did Birchbox for a while too. I tried the Macy’s one for a month and it was okay. I have had the Sephora Play box for about a year and usually really like it.

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      1. It was the opposite for me… I tried Sephora Play Box for a couple of months and wasn’t impressed. With all of these subscriptions it’s always a crapshoot.


        1. They really are! I had a lot of success with birchbox until they changed their points model and moved more toward indie brands and away from high end brands. They swung too far away from the mainstream core.

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          1. Probably… but I have a small bathroom too.. coming from a huge master bathroom suite, I still have stuff in boxes too. At least it curbs my addiction.


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