Hi, I’m Alex. I can do a lot of things. I can cook, I can smile, I can polish and, for the purposes of this blog, I can read and share my thoughts about the things I read.

I read mostly Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and YA versions thereof. I sprinkle in some Steampunk, Cookbooks and a bit of Horror.

There will occasionally be non-book posts on this blog, as I am an avid hobbyist with many loves aside from books.

I’m on Instagram as alexcansmile (general life, food, cats) and alexcanpolish (nail polish).

I tweet from @alexcansmile (more general life) and @todayscraving (what food sounds good).

I’m based in the beautiful Seattle area where I live with my husband and two cats. When I’m not buried in a book I’m out enjoying my amazing city, up to my elbows in the dirt in my garden, painting my nails with all the pretty polish, attempting a new hobby or trying out a new recipe or restaurant.