Review Policy

All opinions on Alex Can Read are mine, and 100% honest.

When I receive ARCs from publisher or authors, posts will be tagged #ARC and #PressSample. If at any time a post is sponsored, paid content or an ad, posts will be clearly marked as such. Interested in working with me? Send me a note on my contact page!

Review Scale

I review on a 0-5 scale, reserving the right to rate a book a “6.”

This is how the scale goes.

6 – Literally everyone I know needs to read this. If it doesn’t win all the awards I will cry.

5 – Excellent! I loved it and can’t wait to recommend it to all my friends and readers. Maybe a couple of things to make me grumble but overall enjoyable.

4 – Really Great! I enjoyed the book aside from some flaws in an otherwise solid story. Either really well written, or a really compelling story despite some weak writing.

3 – Good! I enjoyed reading the book, but it didn’t leave me wanting more or particularly satisfied or moved. Not particularly stand out, but not deserving of scorn.

2 – Meh. I read it, I finished it, it was okay. Possibly a good story with incredibly weak writing, an interesting concept that couldn’t be executed upon. Not a book I’d recommend people add to their TBR list unless they’ve suddenly found themselves without something to read.

1 – Bad. I did not enjoy this book. I might not have even finished it. I do not recommend this book.

0 – I did not finish this book. Awful, just no. Please do yourself a favor and pass.