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It’s Been A While

Hi friends,

It’s certainly been a while. Over a year has passed since I last blogged in earnest. It’s been a tough year. Work changed a lot – I took on a lot of new responsibilities and then COVID happened and I switched from 100% in the office to 100% at home, basically overnight. I started (and recently finished!) a project management certificate program. My grandmother on my mom’s side (who I was very close to) and my grandfather on my dad’s side (who I was unfortunately not close to) died in the same week. I traveled to Nashville for the first time, the literal day after attending my grandmother’s funeral. One of my cats nearly died. A family member came out as trans. We traveled to San Francisco for the first time. COVID HAPPENED. Another of my cats has had health issues.

The list goes on, and throughout that all I’ve been struggling with anxiety, panic syndrome and ADHD all boiling over. I didn’t do a lot of reading in all that time, and the reading I did do, I chose not to do for review purposes because it felt like work. And I had enough work in my life.


I am now “through” a lot of that, and have more time and bandwidth and am in a much better place in my life. I’m not going to blog as much as I did previously, I don’t think that was sustainable for me as work continues to keep me busy and I still want to be able to read for fun. But I am going to be blogging again.

It’s good to see you again.


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